600 by 600 campfire woman

Imagine yourself wrapped in a warm blanket, sitting on a log at the edge of a campfire.  It’s the end of the day, and you finally have a chance to rest your tired body.  The sounds of owls hooting and crickets singing enfold you.  Across the fire is the face of a woman who has been where you are.  Her cheeks show the marks of lessons learned and battles waged while corners of her eyes convey her many smiles and many tears.  She doesn’t say it in words, but something about her tells you that she has heard it all.  You lean in to her warmth and the warmth of the crackling fire.  You find yourself telling her what you would never admit to someone else:  you’re hurting…it’s all too hard…you feel like you are trudging through a thick layer of fog.  She listens and nods in understanding as you lay out all the things that have been weighing you down.  She will help you carry the burden until it dissipates.

Long ago, women gathered around the fire to cook and share stories. Today, these fireside chats are all too rare, but I think there is something deep within us that craves the community and companionship that was found at the edges of the fire circle.  That’s why I offer free fire circle sessions where you can talk, I can listen, and together we can find ways to help you come out of the fog.

After my first daughter was born during a traumatic emergency C-section, I struggled to feel connected to her. I was simultaneously overjoyed to meet this tiny human who had grown inside me and devastated that her birth did not turn out the way I had planned. I spent several years and thousands of dollars trying to cope with the overwhelming feelings of grief and disappointment over her birth, which lead me to a period of postpartum depression and anxiety.

I did not feel “good enough” to be her mother, and the fog I was trudging through made me miss some parts of her early life that I’ll never recover. As a birth trauma doula, I share the wisdom I have gained while trying to find my way home to myself. I’ll help you feel heard, seen, and understood. I’ll also help you find your way through the fog and back to the rainbow of your full self.

Whether you are preparing to give birth again or just trying to be your child’s best mother after a trauma, I’ll be there to hold your hand. Click here to schedule a free 20-minute fire circle session.

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