Who am I?

My name is Kendra Atkins-Boyce.  I live and work in Portland, Oregon, and I can’t wait to meet you.  I have been fascinated by birth since I was a child. I read Ina May Gaskin’s Spiritual Midwifery from cover to cover at fourteen years old.  In fact, I almost went to school for midwifery after high school, but I changed career paths and became a middle school English teacher for ten years.




After moving to Portland from Virginia, I heard the call of birth again and decided to train as a birth doula.  I have the tools and experience to support you in the birth you choose.  I love to witness the moment when a baby is born and brings about the birth of a mother, a father, and a family.  When you think you can’t do it, I’ll be there to assure you that you can do it–are doing it.  I offer physical, emotional, and spiritual support.

When you choose me as your doula, you get the benefit of my experience and knowledge and passion for birth.  I’ll help you find resources and ask questions. I’ll help you communicate with your partner and care providers about what you want from your birth.  I’ll assist you in discovering the comfort measures and positions that will help you during labor.  I will help you step into motherhood confidently, ready to ask questions, find resources, and build or tap into your support network.  I am always reading and learning about birth.  I regularly attend trainings and conferences in order to connect with other birthworkers and locate the best community resources for new moms.  I strive to be what you need when you need it: a good listener, a teacher, a friend, a back-rubber, nurse-caller, a partner-coach, a counter-pressure giver, an explainer of medical terminology, and so much more.  I have supported first time moms, experienced moms, moms who want a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC), and same-sex families.  Whether you believe in the healing properties of crystals or the power of prayer, I will support you and hold space for you.  I create a personalized and tailored doula approach for each client.  I’ll take time to understand your hopes, fears, and expectations around birth.  Pregnancy and childbirth can feel overwhelming, and you deserve support to help you navigate it.  

What is KarysMa Birth?

My business is the umbrella that covers what I love to do.  I doula.  I write.  I teach.  I make jewelry.  I work to make the world better.  I connect.  I support.  I encourage.  I love.

Why the logo?

The butterfly on the shoulder represents the gentle, sometimes invisible care I provide to you during your pregnancy and birth.  I designed the logo in homage to my Granny, who passed away in 2014. She always wore a butterfly pin on her shoulder.  When a butterfly lands on you, it is gentle, like a whisper, and that’s what my presence during your pregnancy and in the birth room is: gentle and encouraging.  When you invite me into your birth, I’m not there to replace your partner or other support people.  I’m there help you find resources, learn about your options and rights, prepare for postpartum care, and help you and your partner find your voices as parents.  

What else do you do?

In addition to my birth doula services, I love making custom birthing necklaces. I’ll collect beads from your friends and family, add beads from my curated collection of stock, and create a piece of jewelry that is not only beautiful but also represents how you are surrounded by love and support as you step into motherhood.   

I love creating new things and finding new ways to express this crazy thing called life.  I have one daughter, named Karys, who is at the root of my work.  When she was born, I felt like things were happening to me.  Becoming a doula means helping you to claim your space at the center of your birth, instead of making you feel like the experience is swirling around you.  Knowledge is power, and I want you to feel knowledgeable and empowered during pregnancy, birth, and beyond.   I want you to feel empowered to ask questions, empowered to ask for what you need, empowered to trust your intuition, and ultimately, empowered to be a parent to your new baby.