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Care Companion Visit: Do you live in the Portland, Oregon metro area? Are you feeling anxious about your next prenatal or postpartum visit?  I’ll join you at your appointment and support you in communicating with your care provider and advocating for your wishes and needs.

Rainbow Journey Experience: Through five tailored sessions covering your story, your body beliefs, your relationships, and finding your way back to yourself, we’ll move through the map of your journey from trauma to a renewed sense of connection with yourself, your life, and your loved ones.

Deep Release Session: Is lingering trauma affecting the way you interact with your life?  We’ll explore the causes of your trauma and together develop tools for processing and releasing its lasting effects.

Custom Birthing Necklace: I’ll collect beads from your loved ones and put them together into a tangible, wearable symbol of the love and support that surrounds you.  These necklaces are ideal for any situation in which you could use extra reminders that you are not alone.

Writing Workshops:  Coming soon!

Postpartum Retreats: Coming soon!

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